Ask Kevin Young Episode 120 – 5 Things To Look For In An Investment Property

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Welcome to another episode of Ask Kevin Young, this week we’re discussing what I look for in a property investment. There are 5 main things you need to be on the look out for before you purchase your first property.

  1. Quality Stock: With properties being built so quickly to keep up with demand, some construction companies are cutting corners. So be sure to check that your property is built from quality materials.
  2. Location: Make sure you do your research and follow the advice from Property Club in regards to where there is demand for rental properties to be sure that you will always have tenants.
  3. Find A Trusted Builder: This can be one of the hardest things to find when you’re looking for property. You need to find someone who will stand by their promises and warranties as well as providing quality products and services.
  4. Inclusions: Ask your builder what they’re including in the property, such as items that create tax credits for you. The aim is for you to buy a property for $0 a day!
  5. Member Benefits: This is the biggest thing to look out for! Head to our website to download our benefits book for what we can provide you on your property journey.
    If you need the club’s help with any of the above tips be sure to get in contact with your property mentor.

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