Count Down Until Conference!

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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. Fortunately for you, in 2 weeks we have our 2017 Wealth & property Expo which has over 17 guest speakers that have done the hard yards for you.

The conference is a unique opportunity to talk with people about the pitfalls in property investing and how they have overcome them. You will hear some great tips on creating wealth while socializing with like minded people, traveling and enjoying life.

Meet people, reach out and talk to people; never be afraid to ask advice. I never let somebodies reputation scare me into submission. I’m a believer in that if you never ask you’ll never know and find this particularly true of the PMC Members, Club Members, Staff and attendees we will have over the conference weekend.

What do some of our Builder’s have to say about the upcoming conference?

We only have the best deals for our members come conference time. If our builders can’t get the BEST deals through for our members, unfortunately, they miss out. See what they had to say about it….

Tony Carbone – Long Time Club Builder

Mark Macklin – Long Time Club Builder

So mix, mingle and make the most of the weekend experience. Don’t forget to come up and say “hi”. We look forward to meeting every one of you.


Kevin Young
Club Founder

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