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  • 05 Oct, 2017

Episode 137 Ask Kevin Young - The Right Property

In this weeks’ episode of Ask Kevin Young I show you how to find the right investment property. Successful investing really depends on finding the right property but how do you find the best investment for you?

Here at Property Club our mentors will take you through the 13 critical factors for a successful investment, as well as showing you the regions experiencing the best growth. You don’t want to invest in high demand areas where prices are already huge, because there’s no room for growth.

What we do at the club to ensure that your investment is a success is tailoring the property to your needs. It’s a tailored suit that fits and looks the best, and the same goes for buying property. Your mentor will sit down with you and together you’ll decide on the kind of investment that best suits you! Then one of our researchers, like Chris, will take the time to find out what region or suburb is going to work best by conducting rent comparisons and checking what comparable properties have sold for in the same area. And, we do all of this for you, for free!

Take action today, come into the club and we’ll find the right investment property for you. Take action and be a winner!


Kevin Young