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  • 12 Oct, 2017

Episode 138 Ask Kevin Young - Property Club In Court

This week on Ask Kevin Young we’re unfortunately not answering any viewer submitted questions. Instead, I’m sharing the story of Henry and Maree Schneider who fell victim to a property scam. The Schneider’s had invested through Property Club in the past and had established a number of good investment properties. It was when they invested outside of the Club’s guidelines that they ran into trouble. The couple were making repayments on the house they thought was being built. Little did they know they were being sent fake photos of their near-completed house. They were defrauded by the builder. The shock they got when they saw their property was just a deteriorating chipboard floor and steel frame.

A clause in their mortgage contract meant that the bank could wash its hands of the matter. The Schneider’s came to me for help and I knew we had to support their fight for justice, to stop this shark from sinking more investors. Property Club has covered the Schneider’s legal costs and we are still working on their very complex case. You can read their full story in our Property Investor Magazine (Page 8). There’s a very simple way to make sure something like this doesn’t happen to you, come into Property Club first!


Kevin Young