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  • 02 Nov, 2017

Episode 141 Ask Kevin Young - Why Now

This episode of Ask Kevin Young I sit down to talk about how Property Club is making now the best time to invest.

You’re probably hearing a lot of doom and gloom from the media about property, that’s all wrong. At Property Club we know that there’s never been a better time to start investing in property. We know how to find you an interest only funding with the lowest rate in history! We know how to find you properties where the rent is much more than the interest you’re paying to the bank. The Club works hard to find these gems for you!

Don’t believe the scare tactics the media is using, come into the club we’ll help you invest wisely for your future.

If you’re having trouble out there getting funding, come to us. If you’re not sure how it’s possible for you to buy your own home, come to us. We don’t charge you, free today, free forever!


Kevin Young