Ask Kevin Young Episode 62 – Let Us Do The Work For You

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Today’s question is from Steve, and it’s a question I get asked all the time! He doesn’t have a job at the moment, but has lots of equity and a steady income from his properties. Unfortunately he can’t get a loan without proving his income, so what can we do if we want to keep expanding our property portfolio?

Unfortunately I can’t give you specific advice as I don’t know enough details about your situation. But! One of my favorite things about Property Club is that we are able to give you the help that you need. For free. Over the years Property Club has built strong relationships with brokers that are suited to our member’s needs. 

Our club approved brokers have experience in all different types of funding organizations, and we would love to help take the hassle out of finding funds for you. If this sounds like you, contact your property mentor so they can assist you with the right broker to find the best loan options for you.


Kevin Young

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