Ask Kevin Young Episode 72 – Beat The Banks

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By now I’d hope you all know my thoughts on banks. I want investors to keep as much money as possible in their own hands and out of the banks clutches.

One way we save our members money is by organising valuations for their properties free of charge. These are done for your benefit by a reputable valuer. We don’t recommend getting them elsewhere as you can get your property undervalued and that’s the opposite of what you want.

Getting your properties valued regularly is really important as it ensures you won’t miss a spike in growth or value. I get mine valued roughly every six months so that I can use my equity!

Another way we are saving our members money is with our Beat the Banks Challenge. Our brokers can identify improvements to your current loans, saving you money that you can put back in your pocket. We’ve been able to save Club members thousands of dollars by optimising their finances. What can we save you?


Kevin Young

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