Kevin Young launches the Young Centre with the Red Cross

Who Is Kevin Young?

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Who Creates More Millionaires?

Kevin Young’s story is not your typical ‘rags to riches’ tale, although he does admit that growing up poor was a powerful motivator for his success. Experiencing success at an early age did not prevent Kevin from making mistakes, however, and with a property investment journey spanning more than 50 years, he’s pretty much worked out all the pitfalls successful investors should avoid.

Who Created More MillionairesConsistently ranked in Queensland’s top 100 Rich List with a portfolio of almost 200 investment properties, Kevin has earned the title of Australia’s largest individual residential property owner. His ambition is to help everyday people avoid a life of poverty on the pension by helping them create ongoing wealth through property investment. He is a strong believer in the old maxim ‘give a man a fish and he eats for a day, but teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime’.

In 1994, Kevin and his wife Kathy began The Investors Club, dedicating themselves to helping the average Australian to take control of their financial future through property investment. Now known as Property Club, the organisation provides property education and sound research, teaching members proven strategies for buying, building and holding a successful portfolio. Kevin has helped create over 5,000 property millionaires using the strategies, services and support of the Property Club. Kevin has also written several books, with Property, Prosper, Retire having now sold more than 20,000 copies.

Kevin Young and Kathy Young’s generosity does not stop with property investors.  In 2007 they founded the Club’s own charity, Club Cares, dedicated to improving the quality of life of those less fortunate and meeting all administrative costs from their own personal funds. They have also partnered with the Australian Red Cross to open a support and service centre for homeless young people known as the Young Centre, named after Kevin Young and Kathy Young, founders of Property Club, which has been the principal supporter behind the development of programs to run from the Centre. They have donated over $1 million to the project and are life-long supporters of the community work undertaken by Red Cross.

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