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Ask Kevin Young Episode 82 - Diversify


In episode 81 of Ask Kevin Young I give you a guided tour of our Property Club Head Office as well as showing you a little bit of our Property Club Charity – Club Cares.

In episode 82 of Ask Kevin Young I answer an important question from Paul in SA. As a result of purchasing two brand new apartments in SA he has ran into cash flow problems. I think that once you are onto your second or third properties you should diversify and purchase outside of South Australia and in other growth areas of Australia. This ensures that you are not putting all of your eggs into one basket, as is in the case of the slowing SA economy.

I used to do the same in purchasing a lot of my property in South Australia. In response to this problem we have started the Property Club to do research into areas where there is growth but the prices hasn’t gone up yet. We supply you with the data and you can do what you want with it, purchase through the local agent or you can buy Property Club recommended club. I think you should have a chat to your mentor on future investments or if you haven’t already sign up for free and get a mentor assigned to you.

Thanks for the question and I think you should talk to your mentor and we can get your cash flow problem is cleaned up for you so can rest easy.

Happy Investing!


Kevin Young