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I am your candidate for Fadden because Australians deserve: Health, Housing & Happiness.

Kevin YOUNG Independent for FADDEN Electorate 2023!

  • Restore Tax Credits on cheap existing dwellings
  • Interest rate hikes jack up rents
  • Reintroduce Interest Only loans
  • Enriching the banks does not cut inflation
  • Abolish Fringe Benefits Tax on rural/remote housing provided by employers
  • Counterproductive Stamp Duty creates friction in the market
  • Avoid recklessly high immigration while 150,000 Australians are homeless
  • Greatly increase housing supply at no cost to government
  • Secure home ownership and affordable tenancy are great contributors to physical and mental health.
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About Kevin Young

Kevin Young is passionate about helping others to build their wealth. With more than 50 years of residential property investment experience, he’s travelled the hard road in building a massive property portfolio from little more than his determination and hard work ethic.

In 1994, Kevin began The Investors Club as a result of a school reunion and ever since has been dedicated to helping the Aussie battler to learn from his own mistakes. Now known as Property Club, this investor-oriented organisation provides property education and sound research to help its members build and hold successful property portfolios.

Kevin’s generosity does not stop with investors. In 2007, The Investors Club founded a charity, Club Cares, in which Kevin pays all administrative costs from his own funds.

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