Kevin Young

Founder and Director of Property Club

Kevin Young is passionate about helping others to build their wealth. With more than 50 years of residential property investment experience, he’s travelled the hard road in building a massive property portfolio from little more than his determination and hard-work ethic.

In 1994, Kevin and his wife Kathy began The Investors Club as a result of a school reunion and ever since have dedicated themselves to helping the Aussie battler to learn from his own mistakes. Now known as Property Club, this investor oriented organisation provides property education and sound research, teaching members proven strategies for buying, building and holding a successful portfolio.

Kevin and Kathy’s generosity does not stop with investors.  In 2007 they founded the Club’s own charity, Club Cares, meeting all administrative costs from their own personal funds.

Ask Kevin Young

Hear Kevin Young’s view of the world at large and how it impacts property investors. Kevin shares his views openly and honestly even when it goes against the tide of popular belief.

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Read the latest news blogs from Kevin Young as he shares his insights into interest rate moves or changes to government policy, and collect his tips and traps for property investors.

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Kevin is renowned for his predictions and willingness to enter the debate on economic or property market issues. Join Kevin as he discusses current issues with prominent commentators.

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