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The rich know how to legally minimise tax. Unfortunately the middle class and poor do not.

-Kevin Young

About Kevin Young

A poor upbringing in a country town in NSW spurred Kevin Young toward building a better life and he wasn’t afraid to work hard to achieve this. His first property investment at age 21 led to a succession of property investments which enabled him to “retire” from work as a millionaire at only 27.

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Caught in the excitement of the property market, Kevin has bought and sold over 644 properties. Quickly mastering the aspects of property and also exploring commercial, industrial, high rise and low rise, as well as land and house purchases. By now, Kevin Young had established a firm strategy for successful investing which allowed him to reduce his income tax to zero. Not surprisingly, this set off alarm bells in the ATO and he was subjected to a field audit every three years – each time being able to show his tax claims were perfectly legal.

Learning from experience has enabled Kevin to accumulate a wealth of knowledge that he freely shares with others. At the request of some of his old schoolmates from the ’50s and 60’s he documented his wealth secrets and made them available to his friends.

He kick-started The Investors Club, which was formed in 1994. Kevin quickly established a strong network of people, each learning the success strategies that had taken Kevin years to acquire, and passing them on to new Club members.

The Investors Club became Australia’s only consumer advocacy for property investors. It made submissions to various State and Federal inquiries to encourage cleaning up the real estate industry which had suffered at the hands of unscrupulous vendors and agents.

All the while, The Investors Club grew quickly and by 1998 was operating in all Australian states aided by a head office located in Brisbane. This enabled the Club to support members throughout Australia, and as more people joined and learned the strategies, they too pitched in to help others in a mentoring capacity.

Kevin wrote his first edition of Property, Prosper, Retire in 2002 and brought out an updated and expanded edition in 2008 which has now sold over 20,000 copies.

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From strength to strength with Property Club

As more and more people learned how to steadily and safely build a property portfolio, and as the overall values grew, the need for more advanced information and networking became evident. The Property Millionaires Club was formed in 2004, and now boasts almost 5000 members, each holding property portfolios worth more than $1million.

Kevin ensures he maintains regular contact with Club members and often travels to state and regional events. In 2012, the Investors Club became Property Club to minimise confusion about its preferred investment vehicle – property. Kevin Young remains a steadfast leader at the helm of Property Club and often declares he will not stop until he’s achieved his goal of helping 90,000 Australians to become millionaires.

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