Education by Media is a Losing Formula

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In early 1980’s the media was screaming that the world would run out of oil by the end of the Century. Indeed, my second wife stood my two young boys up and explained that by the year 2000 they would be riding horses!

Well, it is nearly 40 years later and the U.S alone is pumping out more oil per day than they were back in the oil’s heyday in the 1920’s!  They have pumped out 9.52 million barrels a day in July and 3.37 million barrels of natural gas liquids.

It just goes to show you can’t get your education from the media.

Headlines and Headlights

So it’s no surprise that Property Club members are streets ahead of the average investor who takes their advice from media reports. People who do will be misled by sensational headlines, often choosing the wrong path and at best, petrified to do anything. The old “deer in the headlights” scenario!

That is why we are creating more millionaires than all the rest. We are educationalists. We dissect what’s going on and get perspective from people who understand the market dynamics of what’s really going on. This week’s share market jitters around the globe is a great example.

International Economist, Clifford Bennett is helping us to provide you with an educated perspective.  He continues to receive rave endorsements from Property Club members.

So don’t get your education from the media. They are just there to entertain or frighten you. Fear sells papers!

To hear Clifford’s comments on the latest scaremongering of the media, watch this week’s video here!

So, what’s the good news that’s not in the headlines?

  • We’ll see the lid being kept on interest rate rises. Low rates for longer!
  • Fear causes buyers to freeze. In property, this takes buyers temporarily out of the market. This means more builders are dependent on us, the educated investors, and are more willing to negotiate better deals for our members. We win!
  • After a while people will realise there is no connection between the Chinese losing their shirt on the Chinese share market and Chinese industry need for our coal and iron ore. Then all markets will return to normal, leaving those who were frozen from action as the losers.
  • “The markets are a medium of exchanging money from the amateurs to the professionals”. This is a quote from a University Professor back in 1974.

The true lesson here is not to take your “investment education” from the media.  The best education is from those who understand the underlying dynamics of the markets and how the “herd mentality” caused by media headlines can create losers. Don’t be one of them.

I’m proud of the fact that we create more millionaires than anyone else.

If you’re currently in paralysis, the best way to break free is to contact your Property Mentor. They’ll help you to assess your situation and find out if you’re getting the best rate from your bank. Are you paying them too much?  I’ll bet you are!

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