Episode 10 Property Investing With Australia’s No.1 – Risks Of Fractional Investing

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This weeks’ episode of Property Investing With Australia’s No.1 is all about fractional investment, is it a good way to build your investment portfolio?

The media is still reporting that there’s an affordability crisis in the Australian property market. First time investors who believe this myth are trying to get into the investment world by purchasing a share of a property, this is known as fractional investment.

Now fractional investing might be sold as the answer to the affordability problem but in reality it’s never going to give you a return. Owning a share of a property basically amounts to owning just one brick, there’s no good way to profit from it. The exit strategy is bad. Not only do you not stand much of a chance of making money with fractional investments, you also face many more risks including;

  • Legal Risks
  • Economic Risks
  • Market Risks
  • No Control over location, tenants, or other part owners
  • Lack of Equity

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