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Episode 11 - Buying New Has Its Perks

It’s Old vs. New on this weeks’ episode of Property Investing With Australia's No.1 – which type of property is a better investment?

Now you might think that an older property is going to be much cheaper to buy, which is correct if you only take the initial lump sum into account.

Older properties are much more expensive in the long term. Things like continuing maintenance costs and renovations really add up! Older properties are also more difficult to keep occupied as potential tenants will always prefer a more modern home.

New properties may be more expensive up front but they are going to cost you far, far less in the long run. You won’t have to spend anything on renovations or maintenance because new properties are already in great condition. You’ll be able to get tenants easily, keeping the property occupied means that you’re earning money from its rent, instead of paying to keep an old house empty!

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