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  • 03 Aug, 2017

Episode 128 Ask Kevin Young - How to avoid the pension TRAP

In this week's episode of Ask Kevin Young, I'm trying to figure out with Roxy why so many Australian's haven't invested in their retirement and have been hit by the pension trap.

I think a lot of people might not realise that the average life expectancy of a person in Australia is rising. We have an ageing population and what might have been considered a good idea, the pension will not provide you with the financial support during your retirement. Having a look at Age Pension Rates in Australia at most you are looking to receive 888.30 per fortnight. That equates to $444.15 per week or $23095.80 per year, which is next to nothing. With the rising cost of living could $444.15 per week support your living expenses?

So how do you remove the risk of this happening to you? Start investing now - it's never too late.

The best way to move forward is to begin working on an investment strategy that will provide you with recurring income during your retirement that allows you to live the lifestyle you want. Property Club provides this for all of it’s members which allows them to grow and diversify their portfolios through property all around Australia.


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