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  • 31 Aug, 2017

Episode 132 Ask Kevin Young - What Advice Would You Give To First Time Investors

In this weeks' episode of Ask Kevin Young, Roxy and I answer a question from our viewer Chris who asked, "What advice would you give to first time investors?"

There are around 120,000 new investors every year but only 20,000 of them become successful. This is because many new investors jump in head first and purchase properties in the wrong areas at the wrong times. To be a successful first-time investor you need one of two things;

  1. Good Luck
  2. Education

We can’t always rely on being lucky so the best road to success is educating yourself about property. I go into a lot more detail on this in my book "Property Prosper Retire". Simple things like knowing to keep rental properties well maintained and how much rent to charge can be completely unknown to first time investors and this is why education is key. Property Club can get you in touch with successful investors who have been in the game for decades. They can show you all the right moves to make so that you start investing without making the rookie errors that force others out of the market.

Use our mentors to build a solid foundation in property that will see you through retirement. Learn before you buy!


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