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  • 14 Sep, 2017

Episode 134 Ask Kevin Young - Don't Trust Agents

This week on Ask Kevin Young Roxy and I let you know why it’s better to do your own research than to trust the real estate agent.

You might think that an agent has the experience and knowledge to help you sell your property for a fair price but this is rarely the case. The average agent has only been licensed for nine months and is focused more on getting a quick commission check than working to get you the best sale. Often agents spend their time cold calling people with incorrect pricing estimates – in order to convince them to sell. Don't trust agents who cold call.

If you're given a property value estimate don't just take it at face value, educate yourself! Make sure to know the prices other properties in the area have sold for. Is the agent comparing apples to apples, or are they valuing your property against derelict buildings that aren't worth nearly as much? Get them to give you a list of property values in writing and check it against your own research.

Here at Property Club we'll give you the best advice and answer all your questions for free! So don't let commission hungry agents rip you off, educate yourself and get the best sale price from your investments.


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