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  • 28 Sep, 2017

Episode 136 Ask Kevin Young - Housing Crisis Myths

This week on Ask Kevin Young I sat down with Property Club Branch Manager and President of the Young Investors Club, Jake Sewell to talk about the housing crisis myth.

First, I have to have a bit of a rant about the journalists who claim that Property Club charges large commissions from its members. There was an article written recently which claimed this and it is not at all true. Here at property club we are unique because we don’t charge our members anything.

Another thing that journalists have gotten wrong is that Australia is having a housing crisis. There are headlines flying around saying that it’s never been more difficult, especially for young people and first-time investors, to buy a property. Here at Property Club we have the expertise to know that this isn’t true! With interest rates being so low in Australia and inflation being at around 2% its actually never been a better time to start investing in property. It’s easy to blindly follow bad advice when you’re new to investing so do the smart thing, come into Property Club, talk to the experts, and we'll show you how to invest for your future!


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