Ask Kevin Young Episode 59 – Plummeting Rent

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Lyn has a property in Muswellbrook NSW, but it isn’t performing as well as she might be hoping, and the rent is down almost 50%. Listen to this episode to hear my thoughts not only on what to do if things aren’t going well, but where the right spot to invest might be.

One important thing to remember is that you aren’t alone. I’ve known and have talked to a lot of people who have had struggling properties, and many of them have seen an impressive turn around.

Property moves in cycles, and depending on the area, the cycle can see more highs, or more lows. The area can also define how quickly it moves between the two.

So hold on Lyn, I reckon it’s worth hanging in there with your property and waiting to see some capital growth come to the area, even if it takes a little longer than we might like.


Kevin Young

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