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Wrong About Retirement - Ask Kevin Young - Episode 66


Chris wants to know my latest thoughts on retirement. The idea and structure of retirement over the years has changed, just like my opinion.

Years and years ago I thought that people would retire at 60. For this to happen I believed they would need to have a property portfolio set up to take care of them before hitting the big 60. But to the modern retiree that structure is redundant.

People are living longer and working longer. What does this mean? They are retiring later than ever. With a lot of people working long into their 70’s, I no longer believe there is a time limit on investing in property. You’re never too old to keep accumulating.

This is not a one size fits all, each person’s situation would be different but that is what we are here for! We have the resources to see if you can accumulate more property before you hit retirement.


Kevin Young