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Episode 9 - Banks Are....

This week on Property Investing With Australia's No.1, Karen, Roxy and I want to help you save thousands of dollars.

At a recent workshop we helped our members save a total of $205,000 in loan repayments, with something as simple as switching banks!

Banks like the big four are costing their customers millions each year by not passing on cuts and continuing to increase interest rates. The banks’ profits are coming out of your pockets. Other things such as principle interest, are only costing you more money.

Here at Property Club our experts will find ways for you to save money that you didn’t even know were there. We will negotiate on your behalf with smaller banks, to get you the best possible deal. And we do all of this for free! We had one couple who saved a huge $18,000 a year with Property Clubs’ help.

How much could you be saving?


Kevin Young