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My ABC Battle
    • 10 Jul, 2022

    My ABC Battle

    You bloody beauty!!!

    I would like you to take five minutes to read this article from The Courier Mail newspaper, which ends my nearly 10-year battle with the ABC over their defamatory comments about the Club and me.

    In essence, we WON.

    I say “we” deliberately because I was determined to stand up for every Club member concerned about the ABC story on the Club, which ran on its 7.30 Report program.

    That malicious and “fake news” story saw some of our members lose interest in the Club, but the vast majority have stood side by side with me to see this issue through.

    I spent countless hours and millions of dollars of my own money telling ABC repeatedly that their story was wrong and they spent countless hours and millions of taxpayer dollars dragging it out.

    I want to offer a special Thank You to the 500 Club members that supported the anti-ABC petition in this fight.

    It is now onwards and very much upwards for the Club and its wonderful members.

    Thank you again for your terrific support over the years.