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Property Prosper Retire by Kevin Young
    • 31 Jul, 2022

    Property Prosper Retire by Kevin Young

    The first day I listened to Kevin Young, I bought the old version of the Property Prosper Retire by Kevin Young, from which I greatly benefited over the years. As soon as I saw them, I bought two copies of the new 2021 version for my two sons. I want to buy more copies to gift to my young friends. Having read the latest version, I am convinced it is the best in the market.

    Perhaps other than street sweeping, street sleeping, and marriage property advisory is the only area one can participate in without any qualifications. As a result, property gurus are numerous. Then how can one assess a property advisor and a book? More than forty years ago, as a university student, I learned that any advice on a product or process should be technically feasible, financially profitable, and socially acceptable. Kevin fulfils all these conditions and, in turn, his book in which he shares the knowledge and skills that he acquired for 55 years ever since he purchased his first property in 1966. Moreover, his book is not a one-man story. It contains knowledge and stories of hundreds of fellow club members.

    Armed with knowledge and experience in buying and selling hundreds of properties, he established the property club (known as The Investors Club until 2012), from which thousands of ordinary people have benefitted. Having bought and sold 644 properties by the time he retired at the age of 27 in 1974, he realised the need for holding properties for the long run and introduced the mantra, “Never Never Sell!”

    Property Club is not a company with employed buyers’ agents. It is of members by members and for members. For instance, when I joined the Club, I was introduced to a mentor who had already purchased 14 properties. I was access to a gold mine of information free of charge. Property Club has a branch network covering all the states. This means that the club members can build relationships with many experienced property investors. Club researchers are local members with intimate knowledge about the area and the properties, which are selected according to comprehensive criteria.

    While emphasising the tax benefits of property investment, Property Prosper Retire shows an investor's contribution and service to job creation and income generation. 2021 Version presents the latest information, along with property trends, crises, and events dating back to a few decades. The information is set out in easy-to-read 24 chapters running on 282 pages. The book covers all the information that an investor can benefit from irrespective of age, income level, or other criteria. The chapters target the reader well. For instance, there is a separate chapter named Young Investors, covering the specific needs and the steps taken by and stories of young investors. In addition, some chapters cover the big picture with reliable information comparing property investment against buying shares and relying on superannuation to secure sufficient income.

    Kevin elaborates on a range of subjects with rare attention to accuracy and details and directness of approach. Kevin also has included a chapter on the fake stories and mudslinging with more information and outcome, on many occasions, corrective actions by responsible parties. The property club members are keen to learn about Kevin’s predictions on the direction of the rates and trends of the markets. Kevin has generously included a chapter on the predictions. This excellent book comprises information, images, graphs, Q&As, club carers, and many more. Kevin deserves and receive the gratitude and praises of thousands of members who benefit from his knowledge, skills, patients, and commitment. Well done, Kevin. Be proud of what you have presented in your book; I certainly am!