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Ask Kevin Young Episode 119 - Smashed Avo Or New Property


Welcome to this week's episode of Ask Kevin Young where we're discussing if you should cut out eating smashed avocado in your weekly diet in order to save for a new investment property.

I'm definitely in favour of having both, and there are ways to do this, so continue to eat your smashed avocado on the weekend. If you're saving for your deposit, then cutting out smashed avocado isn't the answer to your question. Property prices are going up faster than the general young investor can save, so you need to change your question. Rather than how I can save to eventually get into the market, start asking how can I get into a property right now!

Many people aren't educated in how you can get into the property market for just a few thousand dollars. So head to the bank of Mum and Dad to act as your guarantor, so you can get into the property market right now.

And, if you haven't got our Latest edition of the property investors magazine make sure you get a copy to check out the 10 Tips for Young Investors article for more ways to help you get into a property right now.


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