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Episode 5 - Are you under 50 & Making These Mistakes (3 of 3)

This week on Property Investing with Australia’s #1 we have part three of our Are You Under 50 & Making These Mistakes miniseries. Roxy and I give you the best ways to avoid the common mistakes mentioned in previous episodes.

Property investment is a minefield and most people have no idea how to navigate it because there’s no one out there being paid to teach this valuable information. That’s where Property Club comes in, we provide the education that is crucial to making successful investments.

Common mistakes such as buying the wrong property in the wrong area, and stopping at 1-3 investments would be far less common with proper investment education.

At Property Club we help our members by teaching them the right ways to invest. We can get you into brand new city properties for just one percent of your total income! We have the ability to multi-list and can advertise to more potential tenants than any real-estate agent out there.

To continue our free services and share investment knowledge with those that need it, we need your help. We’re looking for people with a passion for property to join the Property Club team!


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