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Episode 4 - Are you under 50 & Making These Mistakes (2 of 3)

This weeks’ episode of Property Investing with Australia’s #1 is the second part of my Are You Under 50 & Making These Mistakes miniseries. In this episode Roxy and I talk about the second big mistake novice property investors are making.

Now, I know that most people get into property in order to provide for themselves and their families when they retire. Which is a smart move because as you know superannuation is only really going to last up to 5 years.

The big mistake novice investors are making is buying between 1 and 3 properties and stopping there. The income from three properties is not enough to provide financial stability. As I said in my first book the number of properties that you’ll need for a comfortable retirement is at least 8.

You might be thinking that 8 properties are more than you could ever dream of having but we’re not here to be all doom and gloom. Come into Property Club and we’ll show you how to get those 8 properties and set yourself up for the best possible retirement lifestyle.


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