Episode 142 Ask Kevin Young – Jobs In Jeopardy

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This week on Ask Kevin Young I sat down to talk about whether Australian jobs are in jeopardy.

You’re probably hearing a whole lot of doom and gloom from the media about unemployment rates. A lot of folks are talking about how difficult it is in today’s market to gain full time employment. Now Property Club have run the numbers and we know that employment rates have gone up 20% since 2008 and that the number of job listings has grown by 10%.

This growth in the labour market means that there are more people who can afford steeper rents which is good news for investors. This isn’t just good news for property investors, it also benefits jobseekers. Because you can use your investment to create jobs!

The construction industry is booming at the moment, and Property Club has created numerous jobs through our investments. It’s a win, win. Our members create stable investments for their retirement AND their investments create stable full-time jobs for others.

Contact Property Club today, we’ll help you succeed.

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